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Cockroach Control Gold Coast

Do you need help with cockroach control?

Turned on the light to see one scurrying across the floor? 

Maybe you’ve seen a cockroach during the day (this means you have a real problem!) 

Here at Viking Pest Control, we love nothing more than helping to find the source of your cockroach problem, exterminating the infestation, breaking the breeding cycle and  banishing cockroaches from your home or business.

Why Trust Us with your cockroach treatment?

  • Fully licensed pest control professionals 
  • Locally owned and operated, we truly care about you and your property
  • You can relax knowing we’ll kill the infestation, and break the breeding cycle 
  • We use the most effective cockroach control products on the market 


The tropical climate and mild winters we have here in SEQ are ideal for cockroaches (and most other insects). Unfortunately this creates a constant environment is perfect for cockroach colony growth and expansion.

If allowed to settle and breed inside a home, cockroaches can become a massive problem. They usually seek out a reliable food and water source (like kitchen and bathroom cabinetry voids) and set about growing in numbers.

It is always better to tackle the problem as soon as you see the first signs of cockroaches.

Cockroaches often only come out to feed every 4 days and can go without food for around a month. So it could be said that if you are seeing them regularly, the problem may be a lot worse than you think.

Using the best equipment, methodology and attitudes in the business, Viking technicians use only the most effective chemicals and insect growth regulators to not only kill the main infestation, but also break the breeding cycle to make sure your problems are over for the foreseeable future.

When dealing with cockroaches it is paramount to establish the problem species we are dealing with. There are many species around the Gold Coast but the most prominent are Australian, American, Oriental, Smokey Brown, Brown Banded and German Cockroaches. See images below to help identify your unwanted visitors.

We are keen to help so if you would like to discuss your cockroach control issues, please call: 0420 483 059 or Contact Us Online.

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“Very happy with Viking Pest Control, they took care of us, now we are pest free! 👌 Definitely recommend Stephen and the boys, very professional and handled our problem without any hassle! Extremely happy with their affordable and prompt service. Thank you Stevie.”


“On behalf of Aspiring Group, I would like to say that Stephen and his team at Viking Pest Control were professional, particular, friendly and well priced. I recommend Viking Pest Control for your job, whether it is large or small. You will have a thorough job done.”

Dianne Ray

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We are the Pest Control Professionals. It is our profession, our livelihood and our pride. Don’t trust the well being of your family and pets to an amateur. When you enlist the services of a Viking technician you can be assured your treatment is carried out safely, professionally and above and beyond all industry standards. We actually care about the job, the aftercare and you!

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