Ants and what to know about them – The thing about ants is, they’re numerous, relentless and resourceful. Often there is very little warning from first contact, to full invasion. From ants in the cupboards, ants on the benchtops and ants in the bathrooms, there’s rarely a place in your home that they won’t be. If you have had issues with ants and have tried
self-treating the problem, you know only too well the frustration that goes along with it. By the time you drive to the shop, buy the chemical you think will work and self-treat, it’s taken around $120 plus fuel, and in most cases, they will be back in a couple of weeks and you will be back to square one.

Pest Control for Ants

The only real way to get long lasting relief from ant issues, is a professional treatment encompassing environment alteration, colony control and elimination.

Our technicians are specifically trained in ant pest control and use only the safest leading products and equipment available on the market. We not only solve your ant problem we do it safely, efficiently, and environmentally friendly.

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We also get a lot of enquires about flying ants and flying termites and the difference between them.


To the untrained eye a flying termite (alate) can often be confused with flying ants. The possible results can be devasting to a home. The main differences between them are :

Want to know

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Ants – Have 3 clear parts – a head, thorax and abdomen – with a pinched constriction at the waist (pedicel). Have large front wings and smaller rear wings and have elbowed antenna.

Termites – Have equal sized front and rear wings. Have a robust un-pinched body and have beaded curved antennae.