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Why choose Viking Pest Control

Are you the only one residing in your home? Is it Yes? Well, think again. Your place could be home to ants, pests, termites, rats and other vermin. Pests are a menace that gradually decrease the life expectancy of your home.

We at Viking Pest Control offer professional pest control and inspection services in Gold Coast and make your home pest-free. Specializing in building pest inspection, we extend our services to homeowners and offices looking for termite inspection and protection in Goldcoast.

Domestic or commercial inspection, we never fail to get rid of pest infestation, no matter how stubborn it may be. Be it a nursing home, a shopping mall, or any large project; we can handle all. No job is too big or too small for us.

We are Gold Coast’s best pest services helping in:

  • Pre-purchase pest inspections
  • End of Lease Pest Control
  • Building Pest Inspections
  • Preventative Solutions

Don’t let an amateur mangle with your property. Our certified inspectors are here to deal with all kinds of jobs and have the expertise to complete inspection on the same day. Accurate and easy to read inspection report with detailed information, we ensure maximum transparency in our work. Trust the professional termite and pest control services in the Gold Coast from accredited and insured professionals.

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We class ourselves as domestic pest specialists. All our pest and vermin treatments are so competitively priced that trying to sort your own problems out just isn’t worth it anymore. Our technicians can be dispatched to anywhere in South-East Queensland and will generally carry out and complete the job on the same day. Once the pest infestation has been removed they will talk you through the necessary precautions to ensure there is less chance of other unwanted visitors.


We provide professional pest control to a wide range of industry including food and catering, hospitals and nursing homes, property management and building construction. Pest control is an often overlooked aspect of facilities management but it is certainly worth noting that while it’s not the most glamorous subject, it can be one of the most consequential. Reputations can be tarnished once news of a pest problem spreads, particularly if it is not dealt with quickly.

What our customers say

“We had a great experience with Viking – they arrived on time and were very friendly. We had a bad cockroach problem and I am glad to be rid of them! Would highly recommend.”

Sarah Brown

“Prompt service and super friendly. My youngest child has asthma and Steve happily answered my questions about the products used and how they are applied. Other pest control operators have not been so helpful in the past. Thank you – highly recommend!”

Maria Hancock

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