I think we have rats……..

You’ve probably had some things go bump in the night and hoped for the
best. Unfortunately, it’s got to the stage where you believe something is
living in your roof or walls and causing some late night ‘what the hell was that’ moments. Acting fast is the difference between a quick easy treatment and a drawn out one. The good news, we can help.

Our techs will inspect your home or workplace for signs of rodent presence and construct a treatment programme to make your issues a thing
of the past.


Once onsite the tech will…

  • Conduct a thorough inspection of the site to determine presence and extent of rodent problem, risks and other possible issues.
  • Establish current feeding patterns
  • Determine the best areas to install the baiting stations so they will be effective yet unobtrusive to residents.
  • Select the correct bait that is most likely to be preferable to the rodent (depending on current feeding habits/species/location) for placement into the secure bait stations.
  • Install stations and advise occupants of their locations and best care methods
  • Fill out an onsite report of the visit

The Dangers of rodents around humans

Rats and mice have been close unwanted companions of humans since the dawn of time. They share in our crops, water supply and sometimes our homes. You shouldn’t leave a rodent problem untreated for long. The saying ‘breeding like rats’ isn’t just a saying – 1 pregnant rodent can quickly become 8-10 and then 10-20 (and so on).
Once an infestation occurs the signs of rodents can start presenting themselves.
  • Sounds in the roof or walls.
  • Flickering lights due to electrical wiring damage (risks of fire).
  • Smells of urine and other bad odours
  • Contamination of food for humans and animals
  • Bringing in parasites such as fleas, ticks, lice etc
  • Droppings
  • Greasy rub marks on the corners of their trails
  • Gnawing and chewing on soft woods, plastics, fabrics etc
  • Accumulation of nesting material
Doing it yourself – The majority of people calling us have tried unsuccessfully to treat themselves. Most DIY baiting products are nearly as attractive or effective as the professional products we can use

Don’t drag it out and make it worse,

Don’t Delay, Call a Viking Today.


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